National Moth Week in Japan

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Moth inspired arts

Many people enjoy to create arts and craftworks that have motifs of living beings. In Japan, there are not a little people who create moth inspired arts, and the number of such people seems to be increasing. In this page we introduce creators of moth inspired arts.

Hakoiri Croquis
Needle felting and colored clay arts. Needle felting of silkmoths: Adult and Larvae
Beadworks and Japanese towel arts. Beadworks of Actias moths, and a Japanese towel with Japanese moth crests (in the parody of Japanese family crests)
Japanese towels, tote bags and other accessories. A reflector charm of hawk moth (Cephonodes hylas [link]), and various Japanese towels with insect (and roly-poly bug) motifs
Studio Umuki
Potteries. A looper mug cup of Cystidia truncangulata [link], and many works with insect motifs
Tapestries, stationaries and accessories. Tapestry of Japanese Owl Moth (Brahmaea japonica [link]), and many items (plastic folders, notepads, stamps, tote bags, stickers) with moth motifs
Gauri Ojisan
Moth dolls. A huge (1m long) catapillar doll of Death's-head Hawkmoth (Acherontia lachenis[link]), and rice omelet dish with wing pattern of Barsine striata [link]
Lina Uchida
Papar crafts. The moths are made from burned papers, not painted. Various moths made from Japanese papers.
Ryoji Hido
A comic artist. Self-introduction: "To improve the image of moths, I draw illustrations and comics of personifed moths and design nail arts inspired by moths. Recently, a book "Mothphilia Rryoji Hido Illustrations", an art collection book of my illustrations and comics, were published." Another example: a nail art inspired from the wing pattern of Deilephila elpenor [link].